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Awesome Launch Party – Thanks!

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The D.S.DUNDEE launch party on the 2nd October was a massive success and a cracking night. Hosted at an ideal art-house venue, The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, we had over 150 guests through the door – a mixture of family, friends, press and media. Thanks to everyone for showing up and getting involved. Particular thanks go out to the following people and companies for helping to make things alright on the night:

Giles & everyone at Soulshakers – the most chilled and pro bar staff you’ll ever find – and *wow* those Raspberry Collinses..!

Oli at Sayfromage – a great addition to the night – check out the pics from the tartan booth…

Joe and Darren from Shitdisco – top lads and a banging set to round things off – nice one!

Emma at Miller’s Gin – well it wouldn’t have been quite the same without it..

Oleg for being paparazzi on the night:

Charlie at Moet Hennessey & Vicky at Majestic Wine – nice work with the fizz – cheers!

Also special thanks go out to DJ Oliver Kenney for rocking things early on & Lydia for working the door with a smile all night.

We obviously struck the right chord with fashion reporter Louise Roe who wrote in The London Lite:

“Boys, I’m on a mission to give you back your masculinity – Inevitable decline in City slicker suit sales, means I’m gunning for a return to the rugged! If your chaps interested in fashion yet still wants to dress like a bloke and (not a glastobopping, twiglet-legged metro), get him to check out D.S.DUNDEE, a new menswear label that makes men feel like they’ve just felled a tree or wrestled a bear. I went to the launch last week and loved the leather jackets, jumpers and dark-wash denim.”


Written by D.S.DUNDEE

October 17, 2008 at 11:38 am

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